About IASC

The 2016 Inaugural University of Minnesota International African Studies Conference (IASC) is the brainchild of the African History Graduate Student Collaborative (AHGSC). Our “collaboration” began during a research workshop, titled “The Problem of Time in African History”, funded by the Consortium for the Study of the Premodern World (CSPW), which critically examined the disciplinary practices that have often led historians to reproduce Africa as the subject ‘other’ of the West, and predisposed all systems of knowledge production to Western understandings of African histories. AHGSC firmly believes that this critical work is essential to all disciplinary approaches to the study of Africa and has thus organized this conference with the intention of bringing together Africanist scholars from around the world in order to create new opportunities for discussion and collaboration between Africanist scholars across disparate geographical spaces.  Our aim is to produce lasting relationships and conversations among Africanist scholars working within various institutions nationally and internationally.